Weddings/ Ceremonies

I would be honored to work with you to uniquely customize music to the dreams and wishes you have for your occasion. I have the versatility to play in many styles, to contour the mood of the music to the particular venue and can also accommodate particular song selection with the option of adding vocal artistry.

Here’s what a few people have to say about Heather Keller:

“Heather shared her harp music during our wedding ceremony in 2008. As I look back on that day I realize how well this instrument, especially with Heather at the helm, offers everyone a chance to reflect on the spoken words and feel the joy. It offers a nondenominational way to pray, give thanks, and it helped to make us feel truly blessed on that special day."
— Jan

"What I remember most fondly about the influence Heather’s musical talent had on our wedding planning and ceremony is her passion and leadership. I remember her empowering us to finalize a very personal wedding blessing. She then encouraged all of our guests, including some taciturn east coast family to sing aloud the blessing. I still hear the words at times. Coupled with her Harp Music at a different part of the ceremony, I remember and feel cathartic, supportive and powerful love from those moments! I hope customers with whom she works in the future will know and witness her intentional practice of luminous Loving Kindness."
— Chris

"I arrived at my wedding with the peaceful beautiful music of a Harp performed by Heather Keller. From that moment my nerves relaxed and the music helped me focus on the beauty of what this day would bring. Harp music is like none other and brings a sophistication, calmness and beauty to any special occasion. I highly recommend Heather for your special event."
— Pam